Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hello and thanks for looking

here it is, the funky little store that didn't survive the hurricane season of 2005....and the next photo is our little Michael. He talked his Aunt Eva into offering him up for sale (no one can say NO to this kid)- good thing we got there just as someone was buying him for $100,000,000,000,000,000.00, we very quickly put a stop to the sale. Poor Aunt Eva was crying and wringing her hands and Michael had begun to change his mind at the last minute.
The last photo is of the very funky studio living space we lived in for almost three years. It was completely destroyed during the storm season of 2005, and we had to move out.

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Welcome to

Before I start writing out long essays about the loss of our store, the state of our business now, and our continuing artwork, and whatever else pops into my head I want to post some photos of the work we've been doing. I will be posting new photos often, and Markel will be writing from time to time also.

We have supported ourselves this last year, since closing our store in November of 2005, by supplying 3 galleries with our work, Dennison-Moran gallery in Naples, Florida and two Island Style Galleries, one on Sanibel Island, Florida and the other in Key West. Garden Argosy, in Sarasota also has our new work.

The new design-line work is in those galleries for sale. Our paintings and sculpture are in the early development stage and indeed some of the paintings of mine, shown here, are still in progress. Our plan is to create a show's worth. We are starting to look for gallery representation right now of a different kind then the gift galleries that show our standing, design-line sculpture.

It's been a very heart-wrenching year, a humbling, ego-crushing year, but we are enjoying a much more reflective, slower-paced life, much more conducive to creating more contemplative and ambitious artworks, and we are finally adjusting to being artist's and not store owners, which seems now to be a blessing in disguise. We are very fortunate to be able to get up and make art everyday.

enjoy the photos......

lots of purplebabydaddies art work

one of our darling tiny flowers Posted by Picasa

little painting/little sculpture

This is a tiny little painting that signals my return to doing my own work, in addition to painting the design line that we sell to galleries. It's very fitting for me that I gave it to my godmother, my cherished Aunt Margie for her 82nd birthday.
this fish is part of our new mini-sculpture line. It's about 12 inches long and 24 inches high, including the stem, mosaic base, and extensions. Posted by Picasa

new art work by leslie and markel

not the greatest photo, but this is a very cool little original sculpture by Markel
close-up of new 3-D Spring 2006 jumping fish for the wall or on a rod in a mosaic base
close-up of hand-made mosaic base by leslie and markel
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swimming and making art

this is a magical little spot for someone who loves shallow sandbars. It's my favorite spot to sit and dream.
this is part of our new mini-sculpture line. It's about 18 inches high with the mosaic base and this fish is about 14 inches long

this is a mini-sculpture sun for tabletops, when our large size ones are just more than a customer can bargain for. Posted by Picasa

purplebabydaddie's life: at home on the range

This is Eva's bike, but I get to use it till she can get it up to New Hampshire. It's the most wonderful bike I've ever ridden.
Leslie at the secret swimming hole.
the glorious swimming hole, just a mile from our house.
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Saturday, April 29, 2006

new work by Leslie and Markel

This flamingo is one of Markel's new pieces this spring. He has branched out into 3-dimensional work
tiny fish for the wall
medium flower top
Posted by Picasa close-up of medium flower

new work by Leslie and Markel

This is a work in progress by leslie, a painting started over two years ago that my daughter Liz posed for. Now that our lives are turning back into focusing on our original work I am finally being able to work on it again.....not, not finished, but soon.
this is a tiny painting that I did in between making pieces for the galleries that sell our design line, also in progress
part of the new Markel, Spring-2006 design line. He has become bored with the flat metal and gone into
3-D forms
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