Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mini flowers and wall pieces

We are well known for our standing sculptures, which we still make and sell, however we have added mini sculptures and wall pieces to our repertoire.
Having our store in Key West and serving a traveling clientele who we shipped to regularly, alerted us to the fact that pieces that easily fit in a suitcase like the mini's and smaller wall pieces do, were an attractive alternative for easier, more economic transport, .
Our customers also requested pieces for the wall and more affordable pieces, which is why we have developed the mini-size sculptures for a table-top. All of our work is available for sale without the stem and base, with a wire added for hanging indoor or outside on a patio, pool, or deck wall.

The top photo shows a collection of the mini flowers that we do, and a mini cat at far left.

Also shown, in middle photo above, a wall fish. They come in sizes from tiny, 9 inches to as big as a customer wants. The one shown is approximately 24 inches long.

Bottom photo- Wall sun by Markel. This one is large- about 30inches x 30 inches. We also do these much smaller and much larger. Posted by Picasa

The mini's

This is a new item for us. Mini sculptures, each one original, hand-painted by Markel and Leslie. They replace the paper print line that we once did and that were approximately the same size, 10inches- 24 inches tall. The prints were xerox copies of our original work which were flat, applied to metal and then embellished.
We like these a lot better and they are all original.
Retail prices range from $65 - $95.

This is a wall sun by leslie, 16 x 16 inches, and available in a range of sizes.

Mini- sun by Markel.
Mini cat Posted by Picasa