Tuesday, April 24, 2007

mini sculpture

The mini's are hand-painted table top size sculpture. Shown above are mini flowers, fish, cats and leslie suns.
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Monday, April 23, 2007

Our design line

To see examples of our whole design line click on the link below that says "design line". Some of you have requested photos of our full line to help you decide what you'd like to order. Hope this helps. The photos above are examples of the hummingbird and flower, butterfly and flower and a frog. The frog is shown as a close-up, but it does come with a stem and mosaic base.
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Singing the blues: flowers for Garden Argosy in Sarasota

The great thing about painting these flowers is the total freedom it offers us to play with the paint and color them imaginatively and vividly. When I have these on my table in front of me it is absolutely impossible to be gloomy. Painting them is sheer enjoyment.
Spring is bursting out all over and these flowers have places to go, people to see, homes to engrace. This particular crop of tiny flowers and a whole bunch of other great work is making its way to Garden Argosy in Sarasota.
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Saturday, April 14, 2007

more Leslie suns for Maddi's

....more suns on their way to maddi's gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina. They have a nice collection of Leslie and Markel suns made for the wall and standing with a stem and mosaic base.
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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Send Flowers

The flowers that never die, a spectacular garden that can keep on growing. Buy an entire grouping, add slowly to your collection each year, or just buy one outstanding piece and enjoy it for many, many years to come. These flowers offer a breath of springtime, a touch of summer all year round and are suitable for indoor or outdoor placement.
Flowers are sold in 5 sizes: large (6ft. plus), medium (51/2 feet tall), small (4.5-5ft. tall), tiny (3.5-4feet), and tabletop (12-18 inches).
All flowers come with a hand-made, mosaic (using hand-painted glass) concrete base.
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small pieces

These are examples from our tabletop line of sculpture, all hand painted and one of a kind. A little bit of purplebabydaddies goes a long way.
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yellow flower examples

There is absolutely no better way to chase away the winter grays than with a bright yellow flower that will bloom all year round. Make a garden in your kitchen, your foyer, your bathroom. Live with spring and summer year round. Call or e-mail for prices. There is a link to galleries that carry these flowers on the top of the page or you can can get in touch with us directly. What are you waiting for? Support your artists....;)!
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