Saturday, July 07, 2007

bye-bye babies

Well, off they went, our last two little boys, with an adorable family.....sigh. This is Allene with her two grand-children. She came for one of the puppies and left with two!!! Her daughter and grand-children had a little bit to do with that....but, we are actually thrilled with her decision because Angel and Corky loved to wrestle and play with one another and then would curl up together to sleep. That's why Allene took them both. She wanted them each to have a playmate and dog companionship. I've always thought dogs who are pack animals are happier in pairs. I think they are going to have a charmed life, wintering in South Carolina and summers back in Ann Arbor.

In spite of how good we feel about the match it's been a sad couple of days around here. Lucy the mother of the pups has been looking for them ever since they left, a concern Allene and her family had, and that I didn't realize would be an issue. We've been giving her extra attention and treats.

Thw reason I wasn't more prepared for her worried behavior I remembered, is that we have always kept at least one puppy from every litter, or a close family member or friend has kept one and they visited every day.... so the mama has always had at least one puppy to be with....and so have we. It's a little pitiful around here right now as we get used to having all three of them gone.....poof, did it ever happen? Thankfully, our friend took one, so we will be able to watch him grow up, though they live an hour away.
We just got the final wholesale orders out the door and down the road and now we are in full swing for the Ann Arbor Art Fairs in mid-July with the Charlevoix Waterfront Art Fair in mid-August close on Ann Arbor's heels. (Don't worry Lisa, we're working on your small flower, which will be gracing your garden soon....)

The pieces shown above and below are mini-sculptures heading for Somerset Gallery in Ocean City, Maryland
Mini-mermaids for Somerset Gallery in Ocean City, Maryland.
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palmer said...

I am so happy for you that you found homes for the sweet... sweet ...
puppies... i bet you are missing them !!!